Are you still looking for that perfect Christmas gift? Forced to find something, anything that might suit the taste and preferences of the recipient? After a recent poll on my instagram account, it seems that gift vouchers are like Brussels sprouts at Christmas – you either love them or hate them. Exactly half of voters said they were a great gift idea and the other half said they are an absolute no go. I personally think they are both!

Gift vouchers can be the best gift – if chosen wisely and with much thought – especially if the thought behind the voucher implies “I want to spend time with you” or, “I know you really well and want to treat you to something you love.” But they can also be the worst gift, an obvious cop out and come across as “I didn’t know what to get you, so I got you this” gifts. I know, I know, we should all be grateful we are getting anything, right? But this article isn’t for people who are worried about what they are getting, it’s for those of you who care about what you are giving this Christmas.



No go’s are any kind of random online or high street shop voucher. They may be useful, but they don’t show the recipient that they are special or that you have spent much time thinking about what they might want. Also, they tend to give the impression that you got them at the last minute while you were doing your food shopping, so don’t go there unless somebody has specifically asked you for one.

See also: self-printed vouchers! Even if they are for a large amount of money or for something luxurious, these vouchers always seem like you are desperately trying to cover up that you haven’t got a clue and/or left it too late.

And I’m sorry, but self-made vouchers for everyday services are also a huge NO! (Unless given by extremely cute little kiddies with chubby cheeks and dimples, of course!)

Gift cards offering specific beauty treatments such as, pedicures, anti-cellulite massages, anti-aging facials or anything that might be taken as a criticism are also to be left well alone.


A gift card for spending time together, the more selfless the idea the better! For instance: let’s say you are a guy and a spa weekend is the last thing you want to do, then giving your loved one a gift card for a night in a wellness hotel would be a very selfless act. Even better if it is one of those vouchers, like wellcard that cover a booking in a selection of hotels  – that way your recipient gets to choose where he or she wants to go to. Spabreaks also have a huge selection of options for hotels all over Europe and for every budget, so definitely worth a look. (All links are just to save you time googling and are not paid partnerships.)


Buying someone a voucher for a course  where they can learn something they are interested in or, improve their skills in a certain area, is a very thoughtful gift which shows that you know them well and who knows, you might be helping them achieve their dreams!


Another great gift option are subscriptions! Particularly if you know your loved one will be receiving something special that they wouldn’t normally splash out on themselves.

Subscriptions really are the gifts that keep on giving!

But again nothing random! They absolutely MUST show that you have put some serious thought into it or, that you know the person you are giving to very well… My fave subscription ideas are regular chocolate deliveries, try Zotter chocolate if you are based in Austria or Choconchoc if you’re in the UK.

Photo: Choconchoc

Another alternative are monthly flower deliveries or a box subscription that will send your loved one a box of things they enjoy on a regular basis? You can usually decide how often and how long you want the subscription to be, so again this can be adjusted to any budget. Just google the product you want to send, followed by the word subscription and you’ll find many options.


Then there is the website allsubscriptionboxes who offer every kind of box subscription you can imagine or  pinkbox for a plethora of beauty products for men and women (again just helping you out here, no paid partnerships).

I think it is clear that I am an advocate for vouchers and subscriptions as long as they come from the heart. It really is the thought that counts so, think about your loved ones, who they are and what they love and you can’t go wrong! Happy giving!

Let me know what vouchers you are giving this year and let me in on a couple of your gift giving secrets in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you. xxx