The problem with a lot of face powders is, that they are not fine enough, resulting in a dry, powdery finish that is readily visible to the naked eye and even more so to the unforgiving camera lens. Powder can also age a face in a trice as it can highlight fine lines if it is not finely milled and/or if it is applied incorrectly.

MAC Prep & Prime Transparent Finishing Powder is so fine, it is almost invisible and yet you need not apply a lot for a perfect finish. One swish with a brush over the T-zone, blending outwards over the whole face is all it takes to ensure your make-up stays put for hours.

I use the compact version of this powder for everyday use on my own face and the loose version on photo shoots if I need a shine-free, natural finish. I recommend the compact version for everyday, as there is little danger of putting on too much. A loose powder is always more ‘heavy duty’ and not really necessary unless you have very oily skin, or are working with models or actors under studio lights.

This powder is the best I have come across (to date) and I highly recommend it.