If you buy just one new make-up product this year, then make sure it it this lipstick: Bombshell by MAC Cosmetics.

This is the VW among all lipsticks. This obviously doesn’t sound as exciting as if I had said, “this is the Ferrari among all lipsticks” but those types of lipsticks are exotic and rare, and mainly for special occasions. This lipstick is the VW because it is like a family van – perfect for every day and for all occasions. It is a shade that suits everyone, regardless of  age, hair colour or complexion. It’s neither too glossy, nor too dry. It isn’t too pearly, nor too flat. It’s not too pink, nor too orange.

It simply is the perfect in-between shade – which is why you have probably never noticed it!

Faced with all the fantastic colours the MAC lipstick stands have to offer, Bombshell is the shade you overlook while you’re busy cooing over all the bright and punchy ones. Bombshell sits among the other lipsticks, inconspicuous and unassuming, but then you try it on and realise it is the perfect easy-to-wear shade. You can (and will) just chuck it on for absolutely everything, day and night. This is the type of shade you can put on without lip pencil, or even a mirror!

Admittedly there is a downside and that is the price: £ 15,50. But it is better to spend £ 15.50 on a lipstick you will use until it needs scraping out of its case, than to buy one for £5,00 that you will only use a couple of times…

This is a great first lipstick if you’ve never worn lipstick before and are looking for a good shade to get started, or if you are just looking to buy a good all-rounder that is worth every penny. Pucker up! :-*


If you have any questions or comments about this product, as always, just write them in the comments box below and I will get back to you.