Small bathrooms are always challenging – you have to fit in all the essentials without letting the room feel too cramped. This bathroom, or rather, shower room was particularly challenging as it measures just over 4 m²!

Here is a snapshot of the shower room before renovation took place – check out those 70’s tiles!

(Please excuse the poor picture quality, I was in a hurry and it is not easy to take a decent shot of a tiny room on a phone!)

Although I am an advocate for tiles with a matte finish I chose glossy ones for the walls in this shower room. The glossy finish reflects the light, helping to expand the room and add interest to the subway tiles by highlighting their bevelled edges.

But why did you choose solid black tiles (of all colours!) in a teeny tiny bathroom? I hear you ask yourself.

Well, because the shower door is immediately in front of you as you walk in, so I needed to give the shower wall depth, to push it back visually and I felt that using dark tiles would the best way to achieve this. Had I used white tiles, it would have felt like you were walking into a shower door upon entering the room. The black tiles almost let the glass door disappear and the shower quite literally feels less “in your face”. I also had a larger roof window put in, so I knew there would be enough light to pull this off.

Most people advise against using a busy pattern in a small space, but I just couldn’t resist these gorgeous tiles to finish off the monochrome look I was after! I felt that the colour contrasting walls and busy flooring would help trick the eye, making it difficult to gauge  just how small this room is, thus making it feel more spacious.  It worked! People who saw the bathroom before we started work asked me how I made it larger without knocking a wall down, so I am very pleased with the results.

I am so in love with these tiles! They are modern, retro and vintage all in one! Perfect.

More space was created by bringing the shower base down to floor level and by getting rid of the door entirely. As you can see on the before photo, the door opened into the bathroom and took up so much space – I couldn’t even take a decent photo of the whole room as the door banged into the original shower base! Seeing as this was an en-suite shower room with great ventilation via the roof window, I felt that a door wasn’t necessary. If it had been an option, I would have taken out the entire wall and replaced it with a glass one, but there was no budget for that, unfortunately.

This is the  shower room finished.


What do you think of this little refurb? What would you have done differently? I’m interested to read your thoughts in the comments!